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jj owens
New York , New York, United States
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Prolific Bible Student, Author Screenwriter, Biblical Instructor, Mentor and Biblical Story Teller - Creator of The Adventures and Tales of Above - An intelligent, clever and entertaining depiction of the Biblical Epic by use of humorous, edgy and playful Characters
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Animation, Presenting, Workshops, Writing
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Other School(s): Canisius College
Course Type Screenwriting
Course Length 4 Years
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employer Above and below studios
job title Lead Developer
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It always starts with a Great Story and boy we’ve got the best!

We creatively retell this Epic of all Epic stories to audiences of all ages and backgrounds in an intelligent, clever and entertaining way by uses of humorous, edgy, playful characters

For over 100 years one book has consistently out sold all other best sellers’ world wide. For thousands of generations now, one literary source has continued to serve as the model for classic epic story telling. With more than 40 contributing writers, over a 1500 hundred year span, one book has stood at the apex of all others. This is it! Between its pages, it’s all here, the how, when and why of humanity. …….By use of today’s graphic arts and CG animation tools, a realm otherwise left alone to the imagination is recreated in all its mystery, intrigue and splendor!
JJ Owens
Prolific Biblical Student, Screenwriter and Poet, Creator of the Adventures and Tales of Above
and below

Old Testament Studies and Review
Lead Developer at Above and below
December 2003 - Present (7 years 5 months)

The Adventures and Tales of Above and below does a masterful job of bringing to life the Bible’s invisible plot made visible in a most creative, fresh, unique and entertaining way. Drawn in by the antics of the three miss- fits, audiences of all back grounds and ages will thoroughly enjoy these timeless stories retold.
…….By use of today’s graphic arts and CG animation tools, a realm otherwise left alone to the
imagination is recreated in all its mystery, intrigue and splendor!

The story line depicts the biblical chronology of the Creation and pre- Human Creation, the Garden of Eden, right through Old Testament Times, the birth and life of Christ, finally climaxing withArmageddonStory Line
We All Know Biblical Epic of the Creation, the Garden of Eden, And we are told and wait with bated breath for Armageddon. But Our Story unfolds the Secrets and Mysteries held in the ancient text ….. All of the underpinning and hidden story lines and plots that so neatly tie the two events together…this is the epic waiting to be told this is the story that must be told….

CEO at Citi Ciber Trust/SOC Productions
March 1993 - February 2003 (10 years)
Content Creation - to- Post Production

Canisius College
BA, Communication, 1981 - 1987
Honors and Awards
Graduate - Masters Program - Masters of Biblical Studies from the North Carolina College of
Theology - May 2010
Old Testament Biblical Studies